RamoSoft a company that offers solutions to businesses in the network marketing industry.

We offer both coaching and specialized software to help you optimize resources and increase sales. Our employees have now 25 years of experience in foreign markets in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

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Our web platform is completely scalable. It has been specially designed to fulfill the needs of companies and entrepreneurs who seek to start or grow a network marketing project. Whether for direct sales or a MLM model, our solution is ready to be customized and implemented in your project.


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Our strength is in niche specialization. We believe that the best way to provide quality products and services is to know our market niche very well. Throughout the years, we have developed a work methodology that allows us to offer our clients a safe and reliable way to launch their projects. We have specialists in every field that is required to start a network marketing project.


Duplicating other enterprises' business models is not always the best way to go. Our specialists can advise you on the available business models so you can choose the one that best suits the values and goals of your organization. The most successful companies in this sector always devote enough time to design a plan that is tailored to their needs.

Commissions are at the core of your business. RamoSoft can help you make a plan that kick-starts your business and is flexible enough, by identifying and harnessing the best practices your sales force has. To achieve these goals, some time investment is needed for a technical analysis and the making of a business plan that keeps in mind the following:

  • Your company's target market
  • A cost assessment for needed goods and services
  • Procedures to wisely set the retail prices of your productsa
  • Identification of the most important features of your products or services
  • Sales model (direct sales, self consumption, or both)
  • Rules of affiliation to your company
  • Different types of affiliates
  • Custom technical terms your company may use
  • Procedures to carry out sales.


It is important to have control over your business and be able to protect your database. It is also important to know your distributors' performance benchmarks and compare them to your competitors'. You don't have to stop using your current system. We can simply and seamlessly integrate our analytics solutions with it, or you can migrate completely migrate your platform to our solutions if you so choose.


The network marketing industry comprises those enterprises who publicize and sell products and services by word of mouth. This includes direct sales models, such as door-to-door, product catalogs, and Multi-Level marketing (MLM).

We provide the guidance and coaching you need to choose the right model for your business. We understand that the range of possible products and services is so vast and their characteristics are so diverse that they can't always fit into a single business model. We have certified coaches who can get you on the right track and teach you the know-how of the business model you choose.


The best way to review a commissions payment plan is to test it under stress. As part of your system's setup, we run the commissions calculation engine and do mock billings under a broad range of scenarios, in order to assess risks and identify potential pitfalls of your plan. The work done at this stage of setup is called PROFORMS. Although it takes a considerable amount of time to get done, it provides valuable data to confirm that your plan works in practice. Our experts can help you adjust your plan for efficiency and reduction of risks.


Once the PROFORMS analysis is finished and the financial plan is approved, it has to be thoroughly and unambiguously documented in the form of a manual, intended for future reference and clarification. This manual won't be directed to your network of affiliates, but to your company's team of executives and anyone who needs training on the commissions payment plan.



At RamoSoft we are fully acquainted with the needs of entrepreneurs, namely solid foundations and means to allow their businesses to grow. Our web platform provides just that, no matter how small your business is at the beginning. We have business models aimed at small-sized enterprises, at an affordable price. From the very beginning, RamoSoft allows you to expand your business without restriction. Our MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) platform allows you to set up different global plans and business rules for each country, taking into consideration things such as currencies, billing reports, tax laws, prices, etcetera. We always think in our customers.


Our Mission

To provide our customers with practical solutions, building on our previous experience. To complete every project with the least investment in time and money and the best market practices.

Our Vision

RamoSoft is an internationally recognized brand that stands as a symbol of experience, quality, and success to customers and entrepreneurs who are seeking to get started or grow their business.

Our Values

Integrity, discipline, respect, creativity, and a sense of ethics. RamoSoft's success is built upon such ethical foundations which strengthen your business and ours.


Working with RamoSoft will benefit your business. Contact us to begin walking the path of success in the world of NETWORK MARKETING.

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